Totally Inspirational by Steve_eb

Subscribed for a few months now & love 85-90% of the articles for the quality photography & informative text in both technique & location. The rest is very creative and I can appreciate the skill & creativity the authors display, they execute the styles to a very high level of expertise. I hope to contribute in due course writing the article is my personal hurdle, thoroughly recommend this title!

Excellent Magazine by Jim0524

How I was so fortunate to find this magazine at its initial launch is a mystery to me. I’m simply happy that it worked out that way. The articles are excellent and the images are incredible. Each magazine is awaited with eager anticipation and I’m never disappointed. I wish the publisher and authors the very best. They have produced a consistently great magazine.

Love This Magazine by DNM135

I  am in love with this magazine. Compelling stories and fabulous photographs. From professionals to amateurs each writer draws us into their world and their art. The photographs are simply beautiful. It encourages me to make myself a better photographer. Looking forward to the next issue.

Great Mag by Coast-to-Coast

I’ve been subscribing for a few months now and really enjoy the magazine. Interesting articles with a very high standard of images and contributions. Highly recommended for those interested in Landscape photography.

Hugely Inspirational & Informative by Randomid

This publication gives me both the inspiration and the skills I need to go out and take great shots together. It seems too good to be true that it’s free as well. Long may it last!